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Our horoscopes are based on the tradition of tarot cards, not on the interpretation of the planets. The tarot horoscopes are therefore different and they can help you to look into the future from a new perspective than conventional astrology.

The editorial board includes three members (we have also few external editors) and thus we prepare exactly three different yearly horoscopes – the general horoscope, the horoscope focused on love and the horoscope focused on career. We hope, you will appreciate them all.

We use the old-fashioned Tarot de Marseille, newer Rider Waite or Thoth / Crowley (usually the Czech version) when writing our horoscopes.

Normally we choose one tarot card for the entire year for each zodiac sign. Why? We could write the horoscope certainly by using more tarot cards, such as one for love, one for finance etc. However, we do not want not break reader's attention. Our goal is to describe only one major trend that will prevail and affect your life in a given year.

And now to the actual literary output. We always choose a peaceful festive day. A candle burns during the process of the tarot reading. That helps to concentrate the right energy in the room. The author immerses in a meditative mood before drawing each tarot card – in order to chose the right card for the selected zodiac sign.

Each option is carefully recorded with the classic fountain pen (we try to avoid all the modern means which could affect the interpretation in a distracting way). The following week we write all twelve horoscopes. We never process more than one or two during each day. We want to dedicate the maximum effort and concentration to each tarot card. Horoscopes are our hobby. We do not hurry and rather enjoy this special work.

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